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Dechoker Medical Advisory Team


Course Introduction

Dechoker is the original anti-choking device that is trusted by experts. With the Dechoker Certification Course, you'll develop the skills to efficiently and effectively use the Dechoker Device when other methods fail.

    1. Welcome to the Dechoker Training Course!

    2. The Founding of the Dechoker

    3. What is Choking?

    4. Dechoker Sizing Information

    5. Dechoker Size Quiz

    6. Instructions For Use (IFU)

    7. Dechoker IFU Symbols Quiz

    8. Dechoker Steps

    9. Dechoker Step Quiz

    1. Dechoker Unboxing

    2. Dechoker Lifespan

    3. Dechoker Treats Choking In a Different Way

    4. Dechoker Device Features

    5. Dechoker Device Features

    6. Dechoker Quiz Pt. 1

    7. Dechoker Steps

    8. Dechoker Components Quiz Pt. 2

    1. Red Cross / American Heart Association Choking Protocol

    2. When to Use the Dechoker

    3. How to Use the Dechoker

    4. Closing Thoughts

    5. True or False Final Exam

    6. Multiple Choice Final Exam

About this course

  • 23 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content
  • FREE
  • Skill Level: BEGINNER


  • How much does the certification course cost?


  • Does the certification ever expire?

    The certification will last as long as the shelf live of the device. 24 months. After the 24 months you will need to retake the course and purchase a new device.

  • How many questions is the exam?

    50-questions total of which will be broken up into learning chapters.

  • How do I prepare for the Dechoker exam?

    The comprehensive Dechoker Platform Training uses a series of video tutorials and documents that cover essential knowledge needed to take the exam. Topics include Red Cross Protocol, instructions for use, Dechoker device components, and more.

  • What is the passing grade for this exam

    The minimum passing grade for the exam is 85%

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